Through a spontaneous series of uncomplicated, experiential movement exercises and breath meditation practices, participants use basic sensing, focusing and hands-on techniques to consciously experience the meaning of their personal breath movement. The conscious sensing and experiencing of breath movement will support participants in understanding and applying the laws and principles of breath as a source for creating balance and healing. Breath Retreats are held in a location which provides an environment specifically supporting inner work and quiet for the sake of personal growth and the development of Self through Breath.



Four Springs Retreat

Enjoy the peace and quiet of this spiritual retreat while exploring your breath experience. This workshop is divided up in two groups. One group is for participants who are new to our work or had an introduction to breathexperience. The other group is open for trained practitioners in the Middendorf breathexperience work or participants with extensive experience in our work. The workshop includes daily early morning (7 am) breath meditation.