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Breathexperience: the connection to your source

and the vehicle to creation and expression

A Training Program for Singers, Actors, Dancers,

Performing Artists and more

Ilse Middendorf, the originator of the breathexperience work, developed this practice surrounded and inspired by a movement in the Europe of the 1920-30's, lead by performing artists such as Mary Wigman, Isadora Duncan, sensory awareness pioneer Elsa Gindler, psychoanalyst Carl G. Jung and more, who stressed the connection to essence of Self and authenticity in movement and performing.

Juerg Roffler, the director of the Middendorf Institute Berkeley developed this work further and is offering now a new, special breathexperience training program that emphasizes the path and connection between the essence of Self and its unfolding into creation, form and expression.

Not only the Berlin Academy for Performing Arts, where Ilse Middendorf was teaching for a long time, but also many actors, singers, performers and their teachers know about the importance of having such a connection and source available when performing.

Participating in the Middendorf Breathexperience has transformed singing for me.
Through the constantly deepening experience of my own allowed breath,
I am finding the technical freedom and direct authenticity that I have searched for through my 30- year career.

Valerie Galvin: singer, communication coach
 (Stand & Deliver Performance Coaching for Business Professionals) and meditation instructor 

The MIBE Berkeley Institute with its training programs and workshops has attracted and trained many professionals coming from the field of performing arts, such as teachers at acting and singing schools, actors, singers, dancers and more that confirm the high value and benefit of the breathexperience work and what they gained from taking the professional training at our Institute. Teachers at acting and singing schools attest that the breathexperience training has helped them to find a teaching style that develops and brings out the personal qualities and creative potential of each individual student without effort and helps them substantiate their professional identity.

One of the main benefits that the breathexperience work develops is a deep connection to Self - that presence that is rooted in the true essence of who we are. Breathexperience offers a practice that develops this essential substance into creative impulse and a vehicle for its expression.

Some of the benefits they also experienced and integrated are:

  • Bring more ease and flow into movements and expression
  • Help recognize the authentic Self in movement
  • Bring more Self expression
  • Let you understand how breath initiates, infuses and forms movements, voice and speech
  • Bring access to your own creative resources to avoid burnout and injury
  • Help balance vital forces and avoid exhaustion
  • Bring more joy and fulfillment into performing
  • Reduce performance anxiety
  • Show the benefits of shifting from doing/controlling to the principle of allowing through breath
  • Resolve stress and have more access to core/essence/center of yourself
  • Develop more self-responsibility
  • Authenticity in movement, voice and interaction
  • Connection to vitality and creativity

And more.


The one year program has four segments of 5 days each spread throughout the year.

Next Program starts 2015. For dates see Event Schedule.       


Juerg Roffler and MIBE staff

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Cost for the introductory workshops and the one-year program is $485.00  for each of the 5-day segments. 

Both the Introductory Workshops and the One-Year Training Program include hands-on sessions. There is one hands-on session for each Introductory Workshop. There is one hands-on session for each of the four segments of the Training Program for a total of four hands-on sessions for the whole program.


For more information on this program email the Institute at  or call the office at 510 981-1710 and leave a message.




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