Note: The prices listed refer to payment by check or cash.

If convenience is important to you and you choose to use your credit card and pay online with PayPal, there will be an extra fee for the use of a credit card. We will let you know the extra amount you owe MIBE when we get the accounting from PayPal. 

The 2nd amount labeled "PP" indicates the aproximate amount you will owe MIBE for using your credit card.
If you prefer not to pay us this extra fee, you can pay us with cash or a check.


Workshop: Days of Breath

$75.00 Workshop Fee  -  $2.00 PP


Workshop: Breathexperience in Relationship

$60.00 Workshop Fee  -  $1.75 PP


Workshop: Your Health is in Your Breath

$375 for 5 days  -  $26 PP

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Workshop: Breathexperinece Integration Program

$485 for 5 days



Training: Segment

$975.00 Training Segment Fee  -  $38.33