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The Perceptible Breath
by Prof. Ilse Middendorf
Book with audio tapes
Junfermann-Verlag, Paderborn, 1990
$30.00 plus postage 



The Revelation of the Breath: A Tribute to its Wisdom, Power and Beauty
ed.  by Sharon G. Mijares 
Chapter 10 
by Juerg Roffler  Breathexperience: A Somatic Science and Art of Living
excelsior editions: State University of New York Press. Albany, New York
$25.00 plus postage



River of Breath

by Margot Biestman
iUniverse, 2008
$25.00 plus postage



Breath Art
by Margot Biestman
iUniverse, 2008
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The Breathing Circle: Learning through the movement of the natural breath
by Nell Smyth 
Hawthorn Press, 2006
Available on Amazon.
Note: This book is for people who love, have and/or work with young children.


The Experience of Breath in its Substance
by Prof. Ilse Middendorf
Book with CD, Junferman-Verlag
In German.
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An Interview with Ilse Middendorf
by Elizabeth Beringer
Article in Somatics Magazine, also in Bone, Breath and Gesture, Don Hanlon Johnson, ed. North Atlantic Books

An Interview with Ilse Middendorf and Juerg Roffler
Transcript from video, 1997

Breathexperience: The Art of Living
by Juerg Roffler, Margot Biestman & Anne Smith
Article in MASSAGE & BODYWORK, June/July 2007  pp. 54-62

Randomized, Controlled Trial of Breath Therapy for Patients with Chronic Low-Back Pain
by Wolf T. Mehling, MD and 4 others
Article in ALTERNATIVE THERAPIES Magazine, July/Aug 2005, VOL. 11, NO 4.  pp. 44-52

Breath Therapy for Chronic Low Back Pain
by Wolf E. Mehling, MD
Scientific Report in The Journal of Boodywork and Movement Therapies  Sept. 2005


The Experience of Breath: An Interview with Ilse Middendorf and Juerg Roffler
Video produced by Ilse Middendorf, Juerg Roffler, Margot Biestman, Faith Hornbacher with Kevin Braband at Studio 3, Samuel Merritt Colleges, Oakland, 1997

Online Resources:


Breathhelp for Lower Back Pain
Download PDF: "Breath_and_Back_Pain.pdf"
Dr. Wolf Mehling at the University of California in San Francisco is the first physician in the U.S. to investigate breathexperience in an academic medical institution. Read about his positive findings. 

Breathexperience: A Somatic Science and Art of Living
Download PDF: "a_science_and_art_of_living.pdf"
Juerg Roffler and Margo Biestman have co-authored a comprehensive overview of the scope, basis, and elementary practice that belongs to breathexperience. 

Body Awareness: a phenominological inquiry into the common ground of mind-body therapies
Download PDF: "body awareness.pdf"
Dr. Wolf Mehling and collagues ahve investigated  enhancing mind-body awareness as a mechanism for therapeutic approaches.

Middendorf Breathwork: Questions and Answers
Download PDF: "MB_Questions_and_Answers"
Over the years students have asked many important questions concerning the Experience of Breath. This is the first in a series of dialogs that addresses these questions. I hope you find the responses I have distilled a help in the path to your own natural Breath.

Juerg Roffler and Kai Ehrhardt: Television Interview
Download PDF: "Roffler_Ehrhardt_TV_Interview"
If you are interested in approaching The Experience of Breath, you may find a helpful overview in this transcript of a televised interview on the nature of our breathwork.

Interview: Juerg Roffler and Benjamin Glover M.D.
Download PDF: "Roffler_Glover_Interview"
A conversation with a distinguished surgeon with extensive background in the anatomy and physiology of respiration on the many aspects of the breath.

Breathing Embodiment: A Study of Middendorf Breathwork

PhD Thesis by John D. Howard