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Infinite possibilities
Miracle breath
One common source;
Being focused
And present
And receiving breath
That comes on its own.

poem excerpt from Ilse Middendorf's "The Experience of Breath in its Substance" 

Breathexperience or Middendorf Breath Work is one of today's leading somatic practices that develops the theme of allowing the breath to come and go on its own.

People come to us because they want to reconnect with their own resources and bring balance and health into their lives. Breathexperience offers a path for integrating emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of being.

The Middendorf Institute for Breathexperience welcomes all creeds, cultural backgrounds, genders and ages.


The three components that work together in healing and balancing through breathexperience

     The intelligence of the forces that inform and guide the process of healing become available through the allowing of the breath

     Through the physical sensation of the movement of this allowed breath we identify these forces 

     Our participation and presence in this process is integrating and healing.

Breathexperience offers a path/practice using these resources as a guide to develop a balanced and integrated emotional, physical and spiritual state of being and to support the essence of the Self to unfold and grow into its true form and definition.



1) Allowing Breath

Through the allowed breath that comes and goes on its own - not influenced by our will, the intelligent forces that inform and guide the process of healing become available.

The information and impulse of how and when to breathe comes from a deeper place within, without our control. This information is tied into an elaborate, intricate organization and balancing of processes that know how to keep the human organism alive and in balance.

The allowed breath, from its nature, always seeks and supports processes which create a state of balance and health in the oneness of body, mind and spirit.


2) Sensing breath movement

Through the physical sensation of the movement of this allowed breath we identify these forces and their intelligence. The sensation of the movement of breath in the body is the “scanner” of the information needed to become aware of what and how the process of balancing and healing happens.


3) Presence in Process

We are involved with our full participation and presence in this process. In this way integrating parts that have been isolated and kept in unconscious patterns of holding back into an organism of oneness. This process supports a healthy, balanced state of being.

Awareness and our support  of a friendly dialogue between the healing forces of allowing and our forces of doing - as well as our degree of openness and permeability on the threshold between our conscious and unconscious - determine how the process of healing and becoming one is progressing.