This program consists of one-day "Days of Breath" workshops spread over a year, mostly on the last Saturday of the month. In each of these workshops you will experience through simple breath and movement sequences, that the basic principles of breath also hold the basic principles of life. You will learn how these principles of Breath can be used as tools in orienting yourself on your path and find the inspiration and direction that will result in:

  • More ease in your life
  • Improvement of your health and well being
  • Less feelings of being trapped
  • More access to your creative resources
  • More clarity in making decisions
  • Meeting and responding to life's challenges, rather than being manipulated by them

The entire set of Saturdays cover all of the main principles or archetypes of breath. Each one of these Days of Breath is complete in itself and all of them together build on a greater understanding of oneness. That is why we encourage you to go through the whole one year program. It is also possible to take any of these Days of Breath individually. 

See our Events Schedule page for dates and to register. Days of Breath is held on the last Saturday of the month.

10am-noon and 1-3 pm - an hour for lunch

$75 each individual Day of Breath

Juerg Roffler and MIBE teaching staff