Mondays - The Experience of Breath All Levels
This class is ongoing. Please complete sign up form.
Teachers: Juerg Roffler and staff
Time: 7:00 - 8:15 pm
Cost: $15 per class (No fee for attendance at first class and the next consequetive week's class.)
         Or you can buy a class card for $60 for 5 classes or $120 for 10 classes.


Friday Evening All Levels Class
Time: 6:20-7:30 pm
Teacher:  Marty Barclay and staff
Cost: $15 or sliding scale
Note: This class is NOT on-going. Check with Marty for clarification.

The class card can be used for either the Monday night class and/or the Friday evening class.

All classes are held at the Middendorf Institute for Breathexperience

Through a series of experiential movement sequences, participants learn basic sensing, focusing, and hands-on approaches to consciously experience the meaning of their personal breath movement. The conscious sensing and experiencing of breath movement will support participants in understanding and applying the laws and principles of breath as a source for creating balance and healing. Experiencing breath movement by working with vowels and consonants also serves as a possible way to enhance this process. We experience ourselves being moved by the breath, not only inside, but also into the outer world. Movement out of breath becomes the definition of the true essence of Self. In this way we now enter a self-analytical process of growth and development, which encompasses the entire range of our being in the world. Body, soul and spirit can be experienced as one. Each workshop participant will be provided with the support needed to carry away their own personal learning of breath's meaning.

The learning process is based upon experience. When we use verbal dialogue, we refer to the individual experiences of the persons involved. The Experience of Breath is a process which can help to base our understanding and balancing on Somatic Intelligence. This is different from the traditional cognitive intelligence which is limited in accessing important resources. Somatic intelligence provides us with knowledge that can access and include every single cell of our existence. The nature of the Experience of Breath provides immediate integration of process when participating with full presence of self in working with breath.

If you are just beginning, we recommend that participants commit to a minimum of five classes to benefit from the continuous building of the process. Classes are on-going. Through its format, weekly classes can provide ongoing support and help in maintaining a steady encouragement in processing and practicing with breath.