Breath Sings! With Alisa Kort

October 27
Breath Sings! - Open Intro
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Explore Movement and Sound Initiated and Defined by Breath, an Introduction to the 2 Day Workshop.
Teacher:  Alisa Kort
Times:  Friday: 6:30 to 8:00 pm
Cost:  $10


October 28 & 29
Breath Sings!  Workshop
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Explore Movement and Sound Initiated and Defined by Breath.
Teacher:  Alisa Kort
Times:  Saturday & Sunday: 9:30 am to 4:30 pm
Cost:  $250


Location MIBE, Berkeley


This is a program which Alisa Kort has developed from her own explorations of finding the allowed breath in singing and the work she has been doing with Acting students at VFS (Vancouver Film School) for the past 15 years, integrating singing and acting. Alisa also is a certified breathexperience practitioner and trainer.

We will explore finding more ease and joy in singing, expanding your perceptions of breath, body and voice; going past limiting fears and opening to a greater sense of trust in yourself and in your vocal expression through the allowed Breath.

One of the main benefits that the breathexperience work develops is a deep connection to Self – that Presence, that is rooted in the true essence of who we are. Breathexperience offers a practice that develops this essential substance into creative impulse and a vehicle for its expression.


Alisa Kort, Director MIBE Vancouver, Canada