Breathexperience Integration Program

Integrate the knowledge and wisdom of breath
into your personal and professional practice

A 5-day Workshop-Intensive for Health Professionals,
Somatic Therapists and Body Psychotherapists


Taught by Juerg Roffler, Dir. MIBE



"Juerg Roffler is a master teacher and practitioner of breath work. His trainings provide a vehicle for contacting and being nourished from a deeper, innate source that can bring healing and balance to our lives,
both for ourselves and in our capacity to be present with our clients."

Tina Stromsted, Ph.D., BC-DMT, and Jungian Analyst


It is well known that the breath affects our entire being and is a crucial factor in all processes of healing. The way we breathe is directly connected with how we live our lives – developing, changing, and growing.

Learn how to integrate the breath as a supporting and clarifying source in the therapeutic process with your clients/patients.

Through the sensation of the allowed movement of breath, the breathexperience approach connects to a vast source of an innate knowledge and somatic intelligence. The knowledge available through this connection guides us on our individual path of healing and becoming what we are meant to be, individually and professionally.

This Somatic Intelligence encompasses the physical realm of posture, movement, overall health and fitness, as well as the spiritual and mental processes of thinking, feeling, sensing, and intuiting.

 The breath cycle/breath rhythm emerges as an important indicator of all conscious and unconscious events within and around our selves. Every single breath cycle actualizes past, present and perspective of our being.

 By learning to listen to the immediate sensation of the present breath cycle we receive the knowledge from a deeper source that can inform us about the next steps on our path, leading us through our individual process of integration. The individual, allowed breath becomes the teacher and healer.

Breath not only reaches our inner world and moves us, it also connects us to the world outside. Allowed breath that comes and goes on its own creates movements both inward and outward, in an ever-continuing act of filling and emptying, receiving and giving, expanding and consolidating, the receptive and directive elements, the masculine and the feminine in a dialogue, searching for balance and, ultimately, oneness.


The basic teaching elements in this Breathexperience Integration Program include:

Allowing the breath to come and go on its own
Awareness of the sensation of the movement of breath
Presence and participation in the process of experiencing

Through practice sequences that include the interactive experiences of the above elements, participants will develop the following skills:

  • Experience and understand the allowed breath as the source for all healing and balancing processes.
  • Differentiation of one’s own breath rhythm and other breath rhythm, results in the promotion of personal growth and avoidance of merging and symbiotic situations. Projections and transference can be uncovered.
  • Identify conflicts and unconscious patterns in the breath cycle
  •  Learn how to support the allowing of the breath and develop a friendly dialogue between the forces of   allowing and doing
  •  Develop the trust and patience to receive and listen to sensation of breath movement as the source of knowledge 
  • Increase awareness for sensory knowledge and create more balance in processes of thinking, feeling and intuiting.
  •  Â—Experience and recognize the allowed breath movement in the body as a reflection of somatic intelligence and guide for recovery.
  •  Experience and identify breath principles/archetypes as a tool to promote personal growth and development

 and more… 


"Having had explored other breath work, I wasn't particularly interested in this until the awed and reverential tones from people I knew and respected made me curious enough to try a workshop.

 “From then on the healing power, scope, and wisdom of my natural breath in its own rhythm, has steadily grown and deepened my connection with myself, others and the divine: a spontaneous, natural process that happens breath by breath."

 Gretchen Vanderslice, dancer, movement and expressive arts teacher, breathexperience practitioner


"There are many somatic training modalities available that promise the practitioner greater access to their true self. In my experience, Middendorf Breathwork is the only one that actually delivers on that promise because Middendorf Breathwork deals directly with the self and the source of being - the breath."

Valerie Wagenfeld, L Training participant

TIMES Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday:  9:30 to 1:00 pm and 3:00 to 4:30 pm

       Monday 9:30 to 1:00 pm


FEE $485

Including one private, hands-on breath dialogue session


TEACHER Juerg Roffler with MIBE staff                     




 Middendorf Institute for Breathexperience

801 Camelia Street, Suite C

Berkeley, CA  94710-1459


MORE INFORMATION                             

510 – 981 1710



JUERG ROFFLER trained with Professor Ilse Middendorf at her Institute in Berlin and was her close associate up until her death. He taught with Ilse for many years before he came to the U.S. In 1991 he founded the Middendorf Institute for Breathexperience in San Francisco. In 2001 the Institute moved to Berkeley, CA where Juerg currently trains practitioners in the Middendorf form of Breathexperience. He maintains a private practice in Berkeley, and teaches workshops all over the world. Juerg is the director of the U.S. Middendorf Training Program and has developed the programs Breathexperience in Relationship, breathmoves/atembewegt, Breathexperience in Performing Arts and the Breathexperience Integration Program. He also directs professional training programs in Europe.